Please don’t touch me

•January 9, 2010 • 3 Comments

He entered the house violently.  Smashed the door on his way in, hit your boyfriend to knock him out.

The little 12 year old was just watching, she was really afraid.  You, you didn’t know what was happening.

The thief took you to the little girl’s room.  He pushed you and you fell on the bed.  The guy didn’t care you telling him he was hurting you. What he didn’t realize, is that he was hurting you more emotionally that physically.  He was drugged.

He pulled your jeans down.  Everyone outside the room was just screaming.

After what he did, he left you crying and screaming inside the bedroom… He ran away.

Your boyfriend couldn’t help you, he couldn’t do anything until the thief was done… then, he hugged you.

*Dedicated to the girl that was raped in front of her boyfriend and little sister in law, in the little girl’s bedroom, before the guys emptied the house, and stole everything, including her innocence.*

Melinda Sordino: It’s hard to sleep at home. How long would it take for the nurses to figure out I don’t belong here? Would they let me rest for a few days?

It happened. There’s no avoiding it. No forgetting

I was raped


•October 15, 2009 • 2 Comments

Maybe you lost your way

Maybe somebody made you sell your soul

Maybe you lost your heart

Maybe somebody crashed it before

Maybe I found you hurt

Maybe you tried to heal me…

Hush now, and let me lick your wound…

Maybe you left a lot of things with that person

Maybe I couldn’t bring them back

Maybe you can hold my hand and fly away

Maybe you will trust me…

Maybe you can hold me tight

Maybe I can kiss you…

Put your hands around me……

Hush now and just touch me…

What if we just sit here quiet?

Maybe silence will give us answers

Maybe silence is what we need

Maybe silence can kill our ghosts

Maybe silence… Maybe sil… Maybe… May… M a …

Hush now, and look into my eyes…

Can’t you see the love?

What if we start over?

What if we believe again?

Fairy tales, dreams, plans…

Let’s draw our paths together one more time

Hush now and touch me… put your hands around me…

(Maybe tomorrow, I’ll find my way home)

Helping out :)

•October 13, 2009 • 3 Comments

Volunteering on an animal association has been rewarding in so many ways.

I love animals, I love being able to do things to help them out.  Besides, I have not eaten meat for 18 days, 28 if you count from the beginning of the decision.

Last Sunday, at AMA (Asociación Amigos de los Animales), we had the annual bake sale, which was lots of fun. We started selling at 10am and closed at 2pm with rain and mud all over.  After closing the sale, we went to donate the cakes that were left, we donated them to orphan kids and it was amazing!

The feeling of helping is great, I mean, I know I can’t save the world but we are indeed doing our part.

A new way of blogging

•October 7, 2009 • 2 Comments

I’ve been writing in my Spanish blog for quite a while now, and it has been as good as therapy.  After I started with my twitter account, which I update mostly in English, a few of my followers tried to encourage me to start a blog written in English.

At the beginning I couldn’t dare to do something like that, since I was feeling a bit self conscious of my English and the mistakes I’d have in the blog (I’m an OCD freak who cannot stand a single grammar or spelling mistake).

Now that I started, I want to thank Ben for helping me with the checking and editing of the entries 🙂 Yeih!!!! Thank you Ben! You are awesome! (Specially when you wear your pink shirt to match our uniform at school LOL).

Hope you like this new “path” that I’m trying, let’s see how this goes.

Drink me

•October 5, 2009 • 3 Comments

Anna Nalick will open this blog, just because I spent most of the evening listening to her music.

This particular song hit me pretty hard while listening, and the thing is, that sometimes I feel like this:

“Talk about the weather
Will you miss me ever?
Lately I’m obsessed
And I need the rest
I hope that you’re impressed
But she’s so pretty, I’m jealous
And she’s lost like Alice
In a painted past
In a looking glass
I see me looking back

I’ll take another, Drink Me, baby
Slowly, I’ll disappear
And wear my life like a barbed wire necklace
So let’s play truth or dare”

I’ll leave you the video so you can enjoy such great song: